Onshore / Industry

Elcor’s position as a preferred panel supplier to building, construction and industrial projects has been achieved through commitment to the highest levels of quality and technical know-how.

Our panels are the ‘heart’ that ensures the operational reliability of commercial properties, hospitals and various industrial enterprises, for example, as well as constructions such as roads, tunnels, railways and tracks.

We have a great deal of experience regarding the requirements made on electrical panels and control systems. This gives us the flexibility we need to adapt the design and solution of projects in progress if this is necessitated by unforeseen changes to plans.

Elcor is a manufacturer-independent supplier. This allows our project engineers to design and tailor each and every delivery in accordance with customer requirements, and on the basis of their own comprehensive experience with component selection.

We deliver all kinds of electrical panels for the secure distribution of power. Based on the flexible Cubic module system, we can also supply combinations of:

  • Main and subsidiary distribution panels
  • Residential panels
  • Meter cabinets in connection with renovations of multi-residence buildings
  • Control panels
  • Automation panels
  • Ventilation panels
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

We can also assist with the installation and connection of all our products to power rails in collaboration with fitters on site.

We have extensive experience with EX materiel and EX cabinets, and have been approved by Nemko in accordance with the applicable ATEX directive as a supplier of and service provider for EX e and EX d equipment.
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