ELCOR has extensive experience and a unique pool of skills with regard to deliveries to the international Offshore industry.

With our in-depth knowledge of NORSOK, UL, CSA and other international standards, we can handle all the requirements made on electrical panels and control panels that have to function in the most demanding environments.

Operational reliability is the alpha and omega for all offshore installations. We have our own test facilities, and we test everything we produce thoroughly before we ship it. All the requisite certificates and documentation form an integral part of every delivery.

ELCOR is an independent panel builder not tied to any brands. This allows our project engineers to design and tailor each and every delivery in accordance with the customer’s requirements – and on the basis of their own extensive experience with component selection.

We deliver all kinds of electrical panels and instrumentation panels for offshore usage. Based on flexible module systems, we have supplied combinations of:

• Main distribution boards
• Sub-distribution boards
• UPS distribution boards
• Server rack cabinets
• Crane controller cabinets and control chairs
• Crane/winch control systems
• Starter panels
• HPU starter/operator panels
• F&G systems
• HVAC control systems
• Cooling/heating systems
• RIO cabinets
• Roughneck control systems
• Test/simulator racks
• BOP/XMT crane-power and interface panels
• Drilling control cabinets
• Mud pump control

We have extensive experience with EX equipment and EX cabinets, and have been approved by Nemko in accordance with the applicable ATEX directive as a supplier of and service provider for EX systems (EX-d, EX-e, EX-i).

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