Elcor has the stated aim of taking on the role of spearhead in the field of HSE and quality work.

We believe that an active HSE policy is crucial to assuring quality of work and deliveries in addition to well-being at the workplace.

Elcor is to be a workplace that promotes health and focuses on organising work and setting up a working environment and collaborative culture that boosts health and development for all employees. We are delighted to note that we have a low rate of absence due to illness – between two and three per cent – and that people who work for us stay with the company for years and years.

The environment
Elcor has been awarded environmental certification in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. We work in a targeted manner to continuously improve of our environmental performance, and the environmental management system is an integrated part of our quality and HSE system.. In practice, this means that we focus in particular on energy consumption, waste management, appropriate products, handling chemicals, and preventing pollution.

Elcor places high emphasis on measures to prevent injury to people and damage to equipment and property. All employees give top priority to safety in all assignments. Our safety measures apply to production, products and services alike, and we have invested considerable sums in premises, safety measures and work preparation.

In our view, quality has to do with delivering the right product at the right time in a safe and efficient manner – a commitment we undertake in each and every assignment. We apply detailed production routines that assure the quality of the finished item, and all our deliveries include the requisite documentation and certificates.