About Elcor

Many people know us as "Forus Elektro Automatikk", "Forus Elektro" or just "Forus" but in August 2015 we decided to switch names to Elcor.

Elcor is a name that neatly explains what we do, and was formed by combining the words ‘Electro’ and ‘Core’. As such, it emphasises that electrical panels – and panels in general – form the very heart and core of the electrical systems that are essential to the operation of rigs, ships and buildings.

We run an organisation famous for its extensive know-how regarding production of highly reliable, top-quality solutions distinguished by user-friendliness and low life-cycle costs. As a manufacture-independent panel constructor, we have the flexibility necessary to precisely tailor-make the electrical panels and panel systems our customers require. With branches in Stavanger and Hokksund, we enjoy unique proximity to the market in the sounth of Norway, and we take pride in delivering finished and fully tested products on time.