Elcor has production departments in the Norwegian cities of Stavanger and Hokksund.

We also have sales offices at Skarnes and Lørenskog.

We have modern and functional premises located centrally in the Forus district, where our office, warehouse and production facilities cover a total of 3,500 m2. Our production department is fitted out with appropriate equipment such as compressed air lines, lifting tables, test stations, torque tools, punching tools and hydraulic processing tools for rails. At our Forus department, we also have our own facilities for producing signs and wood packaging.

Our Stavanger-based service department carries out all kinds of service assignments, including thermal imaging of electrical systems.

Our Hokksund department has around 2,800 m2 of premises given over to offices, a warehouse and facilities for mechanical preparation and production of electrical panels. The department has its own engineering staff who work closely with customers during the definition and design of customised solutions.

Our Hokksund facility has its own service department that carries out new builds, remodelling and service assignments on our customers’ panel systems.

All Elcor departments deliver to both Norwegian and international customers.